In this article you will learn about: why SaaS rule our world, what are the risks, how to build your tech stack (for non developers), plus some very practical advices.

In any role, you have to fulfill many missions that require you to often ask yourself: What is the best way to accomplish it? And you are often faced with a binary solution: do internally or rely on a third party. The reality is more complex and often tend to miss a crucial player: software.

Many things we do leverage technology, whether in our daily lives or at work. But…

Short answer: No for most of them… but read through and get some advice on how to approach influencer marketing.

With TikTok usage booming, Facebook getting back on track, and Instagram becoming the norm, I see influencers everywhere. Sure, this is my line of work now, but Influencer Marketing has been around forever. Boomer like to call it “word-of-mouth”. The digitalization of this old habit is logical and going through the same pitfall has any change in medium: an excess of content, mistakes in the message, no barrier to entry, black-sheeps, unethical practices,…

Where we have been failing as marketers…

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Habits are changing quickly and working with some team members based outside your office is not unusual. We even see more and more companies working fully remotely (i.e. Basecamp, Hotjar) and showcasing their expertise on their blogs or in publications.

For some time now, I’ve had to deal with this situation and wanted to share some of my best practices, from time management, to project coordination, communications, and even team building.

First a golden rule: 1 person is away and your whole team is remote

“1 person is away and your whole team is remote”

This is maybe the biggest…

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As a seasoned manager, I have learned that we all have different abilities to read people, to understand how they work, how they think, how they react to your management… and why you have to adapt.

But let’s be honest, some traits in your personality and markers in your work organization are deeply rooted in you meaning that “it’s not you, it’s me”. Of course, you can improve, evolve and change, but a leopard never changes its spot.

It’s not you, it’s me.

This is why I’m being proactive and deliver an introduction speech to my teams on how I…

Every business can be affected by a crisis, it can come due to internal factors, such as: product defect, data leak, bad sales practices, human resources issues (harassment, management behavior) or external factors: new policies, provider issues, misuse of product, or a production incident.

When it comes to dealing with a crisis, we tend to react in very different manners. But when a crisis affects your business there are ways to smoothen the journey.

Crises occur every other day, not just when you turn 40.

Being prepared makes thing easier

Indeed. But where to start? How do you know what to be prepared for? A…

This content is based on my talk at Textmaster x Mention event on October 18th, 2019. It covers the role of content and how to leverage it when you look at international expansion.

What? Content!

Nowadays, it is all about growth or hypergrowth and one of the solutions to reach it is through international expansion.

This can be done simply from your head office or with local teams (internally or not) but whatever you chose, content will be the spearhead of your strategy.

In the last decade, content became hype thanks to all the efforts of HubSpot and its concept of Inbound…

Working alongside and taking the best of both worlds

I have recently joined Mention, a leading SaaS startup specialized in online monitoring and social media marketing. I had just entered the premises when I learned that the 50+ startup had just been acquired by a 250+ well established Swedish company with expertise in the PR industry.

A bit of a shock for a fresh addition to the team, but a move that made a lot of sense (skills, markets, industries, personas).

Running towards each other

You could feel the eagerness of our new colleagues to start collaborating as soon as possible and build a unified business. For them this was a breath of…

I’ve spent my career trying to improve myself, making my workdays more efficient, un-cluttering my inbox, experiencing with new tools and methods.

It is an endless quest, but I’ve finally decided to share my experience in managing my days as CMO of a leading SaaS startup. The system I will describe has been fine-tuned for years and fits my role — which implies dealing with hundreds of topics/projects at the same time — but also my personality. Use it, tune it, share it but always be careful not to overthink it and start procrastinating.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix…

Cet article a été initié par mon intervention à la conférence Chief Marketing Officer de Development Institute International : “A l’ère de la guerre des talents, comment recruter, fidéliser et piloter une équipe de super mousquetaires ?”

Le métier, le rôle et les profils des marketeurs ont très fortement évolué dans les dernières années avec l’avènement du digital. Cela pose de nouveaux défis sur le recrutement et l’accompagnement de ces collaborateurs.

La fonction marketing pixelisée

A l’heure du tout digital, les missions des marketeurs ont muté pour devenir de plus en plus centrales dans l’activité de l’entreprise. …


CMO, leading influencer marketing platform. Former CMO of @Mention, @Ulule, @Bolden.

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